Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I consider Bu a very intelligent animal. She doesn't just let the day unfold....she calculates how she wants her day to go. When she wants things to go her way (which is all the time), she calculates how she will achieve what it is she wants to do. Case in point. One nice spring day I take a look out my back window. Bu and her sister Jess are on the deck. On the deck, there is a dog house. Bu is in the dog house and Jess who is minding her own business is lying on the deck catching the afternoon breeze. All seems peaceful and well in Jess's world. Well Bu decides to change the peaceful rest her sister is enjoying. Out of the dog house Bu parades herself with a mouthful of hay that lines the floor of the dog house. She walks over to her sister and dumps the hay on her head. Jess now is surrounded by the hay that has tumbled down her body except for one piece that is hanging from her eyelash. I laughed so hard, it took me a few minutes to recover. Never in my days of owning German Shepherds have I ever seen a dog so conniving and so calculating as Bu. This is what she lives for....!

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